SUnday School

Adult Sunday school classes meet on Sunday morning from 9:15-10:15

You can find information about our youth and children's Sunday school classes by clicking the link. 

  • Young Adults Class

    Room 201

    This class is made up of young adults in their 20's and early 30's. 

  • New covenant class

    Located in room 106

    Taught by members of the class, the New Covenant Class studies a wide variety of topics--from Old and NewTestament books to popular works on Christian living. New Covenant averages around 8 students with an age range of 30s to 40s. For more information, contact Skip Skillman or Eric Lee

  • New wine class

    Located in the library, room 206

    Singles and couples are welcome to join this relaxed, open and casual atmosphere. New Wine averages 10-15 students every week with an age range of 40s to 60s.  For more information, contact Janet Jones (205-338-3975) or Lee James (205-884-0627).

  • Sojourners class

    located in room 204

    Taught by pastor, Rev. Ava Rozelle, the Sojourners Class is currently studying Animate. Animate is an adult education course that explores central topics of Christianity. Animate brings together leading voices to create an accessible, captivating exploration of big questions of the Christian faith that's designed to spark conversation in faith communities like yours. Resources are available as complete curricula or a la carte (description via Please contact Pastor Ava or the church office at 205-338-3374 for more information.

  • Serendipity class

    Located in room 111

    Taught by Mike Carr, the study topics of this class vary from biblical studies to topical. Currently, this class is studying the book of James from the Bible. They average around 35 students a week with an age range of 40s to 70s. Serendipity is a warm, sociable class with a mix of couples and singles. For more information, contact Mike Carr at

  • Ann self Bible class

    Located in room 105

    Taught by Mary Alice and Bob Kenley, this class is an enthusiastic, Bible-carrying, motley crew focused on the study of scripture. They do their homework so as to get the most out of what is read and discussed. And according to Ms. Ann Self, beloved former leader, they are particularly cognizant of the Biblical footnotes and commentary! Their conviction is that what is studied should always be applied - in other words, if it ain't working, it's just words! People of all ages who are seeking fellow travelers down the journey of faith are welcome! Currently,

  • Seekers class

    located in room 116

    Taught by Dr. Karen Joines, this warm, caring and loving class is connected to one another through study, prayer and fellowship. They average around 30 students a week with an age range of 60+ years. Beyond study, they have prayer partners and gather twice a month for fellowship. They also support missions by sponsoring an endowment fund. 

  • Varona Perry Class

    located in room 203

    Taught by Charles E. Smith, this class uses the Adult Bible Study curriculum from the United Methodist Publishing House, which provides a variety of excellent material from the Old and New Testaments. The average attendance is around 35 students with an age range of 65+ years. For more information, contact George Boutwell (205-338-3710), Charles E. Smith (205-525-5350) or Ann Day (205-884-1018).