daycare and preschool

Our daycare/preschool has closed as of May 2022. 

We do plan to re-open in the future.
Please continue to check back as we will update our website with new information as it comes available.

"From the lips of children and infants, you Lord have called forth your praise." Matthew 21:16


First United Methodist Daycare & Preschool is a ministry of Pell City First United Methodist Church. It exists to serve the need for a quality Christian daycare program for families in our community.

First United Methodist Church Daycare & Preschool operates on the foundation that children are one of God’s most precious gifts and the molding and shaping of little lives is an incredible task for parents and those who have the honor of assisting parents. We provide quality full time childcare for 6 week old infants through school age children (K-5th grade).

Our center reflects a belief that each child should be encouraged to reach his/her own individual God given potential. We strive to create a warm, positive and loving environment that will contribute to the development of self esteem, as well as encourage cooperation and appropriate social interaction among children.


Our center provides services to parents desiring Christian daycare and preschool education for their children. In designing our program structure, we believe it is best to provide all children with age appropriate learning experiences. During the morning hours, our classes have a structured schedule with a focus on large and small group academic learning, while the afternoon lends more time for social activity and playtime. Our staff endeavors to meet the particular needs and interests of each child and provide for individual growth according to every child’s ability, in all areas of personality and development.

FUMC Daycare & Preschool uses the Creative Curriculum; This curriculum is based on the premise that the best way to teach young children is by using an appropriate environment as well as a schedule and good teacher / child interactions. The teachers plan developmentally and age appropriate activities for their classroom and Lesson Plans and schedules are turned into the Director for evaluation and approval.

Contact Us

Pell City First United Methodist Church Daycare and Preschool

2200 3rd Ave. N. Pell City, AL 35125

(205) 884-1530 fax: (205) 338-0025


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First United Methodist Daycare & Preschool is blessed with a staff of wonderful ladies who have a genuine love for the children that they care for everyday. As sisters in Christ we strive to care for each other and to love on, teach and nurture the children in the daycare and preschool.

It is our desire to partner with parents as we guide children through their formative early years. The following are the breakdown of classroom environments for our students.



2 year old (younger)

2 year old (older)

3 year old

4 year old

Kindergarten-5th grade Day Camp

Tuition and Rates

Daycare Full-Time:

  • Registration Fee $60


  • Infants $115
  • 1st Child $105
  • 2nd Child $95
  • 3rd Child $95

Daycamp (After School Program)

  • Registration Fee $40

Daycamp Summer Program

  • Full Week $95
  • Fun Fee $75


As a convenience, Pell City First United Methodist Church makes your tuition and fees payments as easy as possible with online payment availability. To access our online payment processor, please click.

Check or cash payments are also accepted at the front desk.