WHat can I expect worship to be like

Living out faith in the Logan Martin Lake community of Pell City finds us worshiping the Lord "in season" (May-September) and "out of season" (October-April)

(These services lasts approximately one hour and meet "in season" and "out of season".)

The Sanctuary is our traditional service that meets at 8:30 & 10:30am. The service follows a set liturgy made up of congregational singing, Scripture readings, choral and organ music, prayer, and a sermon.

Wide Open Worship is a modern worship service taking place on the campus of Pell City First UMC in the Beacon each Sunday at 10:30AM. Each service lasts roughly one hour and is led by an energetic band and includes Word-centered preaching each week. Kids are welcome to remain in worship, but we also have a nursery and children’s church available which are led by caring team members every Sunday.

(This service is unique to Summer, "in season", last approximately 40 minutes, and has a unique feel.)

Chapel in the Pines, meets at 8:30am at the Chapel in the Pines Amphitheater in Lakeside Park each week (May-September).  This is an ecumenical, outdoor service that averages about 170 people.   There is singing, scripture reading, prayer, and a brief message.  Each week, different pastors from the Lake Logan Martin area are invited to preach.  Preachers represent the full diversity of the Christian community of Pell City.  The setting is very casual, many wearing shorts and some having tied up their boat at a nearby dock.

What should I wear to worship?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable; you will be accepted here no matter what you are wearing. You will see people dressed in their “Sunday best,” occasionally wearing a suit, while others may be wearing blue jeans or shorts.

"Mortals look on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7)

WHat do you have for children during worship?

During worship, all children are invited to attend and participate in the various worship services with their parents. However we understand that sometime kid's just have a hard time sitting through "big church".  After the first part of our 10:30 worship services their will be a dismissal for any children between the ages of 3 and 3rd grade for children's church which is in the Garner Room in The Beacon. During this time they will sing some songs, play some games, make a craft, and have an age appropriate lesson.  Children can be picked up after the service in the Garner Room, which is in The Beacon. 

On Sunday mornings there is also a nursery, available from 9:00am-12:00pm for children ages 6 weeks through 2 years old, that can be found in the daycare hall of the Beacon, there will be signs to point you in the right direction.

If you would like more information about our children’s ministry throughout the year, click HERE or contact

Jen Ilges at children@pellcityfumc.org

And for Youth?

We have a great youth group! PCFUMC Youth Ministry meets on Sunday mornings for Sunday School at 9:30am on the 3rd floor of the Education Building. In addition, the youth group gathers for Wednesday evenings, Bible Studies, Mission Trips, Weekend Retreats, and a variety of other fun events throughout the year. If you would like more information about our youth group, click HERE or contact us by emailing youth@pellcityfumc.org.

What if I’m not United Methodist? Should I still come?

Yes! PCFUMC is made up of people from a variety of denominational backgrounds. If you would like more information about what it means to be a United Methodist click HERE, but know that it is not a requirement to be United Methodist to join us in worship and fellowship. All persons are invited to participate fully in this community of faith.

What if I’m liberal/conservative/etc.? Should I come to PCFUMC?

Yes! You will find travelers here on the Jesus Way whose faith is leading them along a wide spectrum of beliefs from liberal to conservative and a whole lot in between. We don’t agree about everything but are seeking to be a real community of believers transformed by Jesus Christ and to grow more able to appreciate and learn from one another.  We can be a richer community of faith because of our differences.