In 2016, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church (our main legislative body) found itself at an impasse and in need of guidance from the spiritual leaders (Bishops) of the global church (in the U.S., Europe, the Philippines, and throughout Africa). The Bishops appointed a Commission to help identify possible Ways Forward for us as the UMC to stay together while still respecting the differing convictions and contexts for ministry regarding human sexuality. This Commission, after 18 months of prayerful work, is prepared to offer three possible plans for a future to a called session of the General Conference on February 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri. They have come to be known as the One Church Plan, the Connectional Conference Plan and the Traditionalist Plan.  The full report can be found HERE.  It is possible that other pathways will be offered at the General Conference session, but these three will be presented to the voting members for consideration.

In order to help our congregation better understand these possible ways forward and their implications on our work to transform lives through Jesus Christ, Pastor Byron will be leading Kitchen Table Talks on Wednesday evenings beginning August 15 at 6:15 p.m. in the Beacon, following our midweek fellowship dinner. Whether you’ve been part of PCFUMC for three weeks or three generations, these talks apply to you; they will help us understand our possible future together.

Week 1

Check out Rev. Tom Berlin's Video for an excellent summary of the current theological struggle in the UMC that serves as the backstory for our Kitchen Table Talks.  

Week 2

During the second week of Kitchen Table Talks, we begin to delve into the plans that will be presented to the called General Conference in February of 2019. We first look at the One Church Plan. 


Week 3

During week 3 we work to better understand the Connectional Conference Plan.


Week 4

During the fourth week of our kitchen table talk series we look at the "Traditionalist Plan."  This is the third plan that will be presented at the called general conference in February.